About Angela

Eldest daughter not pictured.

About Angela

Since 2000, Angela Jordan Perry has been exclusively homeschooling her EIGHT children. She has used a variety of styles, techniques and resources to make educating her own children a reality. Three of whom she has graduated from homeschool and five she is still homeschooling. And as a South Carolina Option 3 accountability association director her homeschool expertise is vast and wide.

With an extensive knowledge and background in homeschooling Angela’s reach has gone nationally. Her various homeschooling platforms Girlfriends’ Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry YouTube channel and FB page; Girlfriends Chat with Angela Jordan Perry podcast; and Educating Our Own (newest resource) is fulfilling her ‘purpose driven life’ – “Making A Positive Impact On 1,000s of Homeschoolers Worldwide.”

Angela owns and operates an Option 3 Accountability Association in South Carolina – United Community of Homeschoolers Unlimited. In this role she has supported, helped, directed, guided and encouraged 1,000s of South Carolina families to homeschool successfully. Many of her families/members/followers have graduated their students and seen them succeed into university studies or into gainful employment.

Personal Note from Angela

People are always amazed when I share that I have EIGHT CHILDREN.

Then they are floored and utterly speechless when I mention the fact that I homeschool them all; have done so for 19 years; and have graduated three from homeschooling.

You see, when I was a teenager and saw my Auntie homeschool her four children, homeschooling has been my one of my life’s goal.

I didn’t doubt that I could.

I didn’t doubt that I would succeed.

I didn’t doubt that my children would not want to be homeschooled.

I didn’t doubt if I was intelligent enough to get the job done.

I just didn’t doubt…….

I said I would do it…..and I did just that.

So many folks don’t realize that the best educator their children can have is their very own care givers.


Because you will be their best advocate.

You are going to ensure they thrive.

You will ensure they not only learn what they should but also what they really have interest in.

You will search high and low to provide their resources for success.

You will give them the individual attention they need.

And when you feel as if YOU aren’t enough…..you will do what needs to be done to become enough.

Getting started homeschooling is a very simple process.

It starts with A DECISION.


Ending with the actual ACTION OF HOMESCHOOLING.

If you didn’t know South Carolina ranks dead last – #50 out of 50 states – on the National Education Report Card.

In 2017 South Carolina ranked #49 out of 50 states – on the National Education Report Card.

Can you do any better for your child’s education?

Of course you can.

There are too many resources and helping hands to support you and your children’s homeschool schooling success.

As a:

Homeschooling Mom of Eight Children

19 year homeschooling veteran

South Carolina Homeschool Option 3 Accountability Association owner/director/administrator

Homeschool Coach

Homeschool Mentor

Mom with successful students who finished their education at 15 years old and 16 years old

Homeschool Mom of a special needs child that is on the autism spectrum

Homeschool Mom of children who have started their own businesses, entered the military and entered college at 16 years old…………

I have a lot to share.

I have a lot of support to give.

I have a lot of resources to suggests.

I teach and train homeschooling parents just like yourself how to get started, stay the course, have a life while homeschooling, not loose yourself while homeschooling and have academically thriving students during the homeschooling journey through my online class!

I’ve NOT always homeschooled perfectly.

I’ve NOT always felt confident while doing so.

I’ve NOT always had my ‘stuff’ together (still don’t in many cases).

Nor will you!!!

You and your children will learn what homeschooling looks like for YOUR FAMILY apart from what public school looks like.

And you will succeed!

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